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Self Serve Kiosks

Perfect for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more...

Sell more with self serve kiosks.

Xpedient Self Serve Kiosks are used to reduce labor needs, customize menu offerings, manage product costs, and deliver a great customer food ordering experience. Get a reliable, courteous employee who will never be late and will always deliver the company message with enthusiasm. The customer gets effortless, self-explanatory and fast service.


Ease of Use

The process of reaching out and touching icons on a screen is interactive and intuitive. Users simply point to and touch their selections. A touch-screen interface reduces training time for employees and empowers customers to look up information or to place orders themselves.

Food Hand Off

Sell More

People order more when no one is looking. Customers are more likely to add on that cookie or extra topping when ordering with kiosks compared to traditional ordering methods. Kiosks unlock the potential to upsell easily without the shame.

Flexible Payment Planning

Reduced Costs

Touch screen technology effectively reduces costs by improving operator accuracy, reducing training time, and increasing operational efficiencies. In the retail environment, a well-designed touch interface improves order accuracy, while maintaining optimum checkout speeds. 

See the benefits impact your business:

  • Reduce customer wait times

  • Reduce labor costs

  • Easily upsell high profit items

  • Improve order accuracy

  • Quickly and simply update screen views

  • Drag and drop functionality

  • Add multiple language options

  • Manage multi-kiosk networks

  • Connect to existing point-of-sale systems

  • Provide back-of-house instructions for order fulfillment

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