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Express Ordering

with Gilbarco Veeder-Root®
Passport POS Version 21.03 or higher 

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  • What is the VK Host and how does it relate to Passport and Express Ordering?
    The Virtual Kiosk Host (VK Host) is software that resides on the PX-65 hardware from Gilbarco and provides Express Ordering food service content to the all devices that reside on the Passport network. Express Ordering content no longer resides on each individual Express Ordering terminal. The PX-65 hardware can also function at the primary Kitchen Monitor as well (Order Fulfillment Station) to save overall hardware cost. You must have at least one Order Fulfillment Station per location.
  • What is New? What is No Longer Supported?
    Order Anywhere and pay Anywhere. You have the option to order your food from any available Passport terminal. You are also operating under a Windows 10 platform meeting PCI security guidelines. Older Kitchen Monitor systems like Microplus, Avnet/DFI are no longer officially supported with this new version. You must have upgrade to the Gilbarco PX-65 hardware to run this new configuration and software.
  • I can order food from Passport POS now?
    From your Passport Cashier workstation, you can press the Order Food Button and immediately have access to the complete Express Ordering content. This is great for stores that have sophisticated food menus not easily supported by the Speed Key menus. For a Drive-Thru, you must still have an Express Ordering Kiosk to submit order to the kitchen.
  • How do I connect from my Home Office?
    The VK Host resides within the Passport network so you must have this configured within your MNSP device to allow the ability to access this box from your corporate office. This is a VPN service that your MNSP provider supports like your Backoffice/Home Office connections. (This is important to do prior to upgrade)
  • What if I don’t want to do payment at the kiosk?
    ​​This is completely optional. If you want to continue to pay at the main counter, the customer will still receive a special ticket that will scan at the main counter for instant recall and payment.
  • Can I decide to keep everything the same and not upgrade?
    If you upgrade to Passport Version 21.03 or higher, you can elect to keep current configuration model however, support for this version of Express Ordering will end in December 2023. The new features and hardware eliminates security concerns, maximizes connectivity with Passport, and meets Windows 10 compliance requirements.
  • Who do I contact first to get these features and get this upgrade going?
    You need to start with your Gilbarco Distributor to order any necessary components. For existing sites, the one-time Food Service Feature Activation fee is waived if upgraded by June 2023. You will purchase your Express Ordering seat licenses directly from Xpedient and not from your distributor. For existing customers, the seat activation will be discounted until June 2023. Go to start the quote process.
  • Do I need a bump printer to run my kitchen effectively?
    You only need a bump printer if you are wanting a paper copy of a completed order to place with an order to be picked up. Also, with our mobile ordering solution (cloud ordering/last mile delivery), the paper ticket will also include pertinent order information that would need to be scanned at the Passport POS.
  • Why do I have to order multiple PX-65 Order Fulfilment Stations?
    If you have more than one area in your kitchen where you need prep food and see the order, you need additional Order Fulfillment Stations. You pay a license for each Order Fulfillment Stations. As an alternative, Xpedient has worked with Epson to also qualify a ruggedized kitchen printer that could work in extreme conditions in lieu of an Order Fulfillment station. These printers must be ordered through your Gilbarco distributor. Model Number is Epson TM-U220 network printer.
  • How do seat licenses (Interaction Points) work with Xpedient?
    For every Interaction point (seat) you have one active session available at your store. Any POS device at store (Passport, Express Lane, Express Ordering) can utilize this interaction point at any single time. Xpedient offers bundles as well as single interaction points for purchase. You could have more terminals than interaction points and not have any problems if everyone is not ordering food at the same time.
  • How does the Xpedient Order Cloud work with instore processing?
    Order comes from Xpedient Order cloud which interfaces directly with the last mile or mobile provider. Payment occurs “above site” and the order is injected into the Order Fulfillment Station along with other orders occurring at the store. A special header will show on the screen to denote a special “above site” order depending on provider. When you bump the order, the bump printer includes a QR code that is scanned at the Passport POS to capture the sale of the item at the site.


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