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"If you're looking to develop your food service offer and have a very friendly, highly customizable customer experience, you couldn't partner with a better organization."

Maria Fidelibus
VP of Information Technology
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Xpedient Pro

Meet Xpedient Pro

Complete Touch Screen Kiosk System

The Xpedient® Pro system features menu building, upsell, nutritional information, advertising, order fulfillment, bill of materials and check out controls using a dynamic drag-and-drop interface. The complete system includes:

Xpedient Kiosk Software Solutions
  • Xpedient Architect – Allows you to design and deploy content to your kiosks with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Architect also compiles statistics and transaction activities from all kiosks in the system.
  • Kiosk Control Software – Interfaces with the Xpedient system to run your kiosk.
  • Image and Button Import – Add graphics and images as needed to support your application.
  • Application Publisher – Control the publishing of new content by individual kiosk location within your kiosk network. (i.e. You may only wish to publish a certain release to the Southeast).
  • Xpedient Kitchen Management System – Display and manage orders that are entered on the kiosk. Connect and configure multiple displays and bump bars. Automate order transfers from one display to another for better order management during peak hours.
  • Reporting System – Run detailed reports on kiosk transactions to manage operations and guide business decisions.
  • Database – An activity and transaction SQL database of system activities.

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