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"If you're looking to develop your food service offer and have a very friendly, highly customizable customer experience, you couldn't partner with a better organization."

Maria Fidelibus
VP of Information Technology
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Success Stories

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QuickChek Case Study

QuickChek is a privately-owned convenience store chain with more than 130 retail locations throughout New Jersey and New York. QuickChek uses Xpedient® Pro touch screen kiosk software to offer a self-guided foodservice ordering experience for its customers. They have been able to manage product costs, highly customize foodservice offerings, and deliver a great customer experience using the Xpedient platform.

OEM Partnerships

Gilbarco Veeder-Root
Glibarco Veeder-Root uses Xpedient software on their Express Ordering kiosks bringing a new level of branding power to their food service. This self-service system is an innovative solution for the convenience store environment that improves efficiency and increases upselling opportunities. Express Ordering, powered by Xpedient Software.
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Pinnacle Corporation
Pinnacle uses Xpedient software on their Palm.kiosk POS system. Pinnacle has discovered Xpedient software allows foodservice operations to be more efficient by lowering labor costs and reducing transaction time during peak hours. Palm.kiosk has proven to be a powerful, fully integrated addition to Pinnacle customers. Together, Palm.kiosk and Xpedient Software make a powerful combination.
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