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"If you're looking to develop your food service offer and have a very friendly, highly customizable customer experience, you couldn't partner with a better organization."

Maria Fidelibus
VP of Information Technology
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Xpedient® Pro is a ground-up, end-to-end kiosk management suite. Our easy-to-use application allows you to quickly build, deploy, manage and track a kiosk-driven solution. Out of the box, Xpedient is ready to handle your quick serve restaurant, digital menu board, internet terminal, and informational kiosk needs.

The Xpedient technology platform has a myriad of use case scenarios. If you are interested in utilizing Xpedient for a specific application, please contact us to explore your ideas.


Quick Serve

Restaurants, Delis, Hospitals, Universities, and more

Quick Serve RestaurantFoodservice institutions use Xpedient to reduce labor needs, customize menu offerings, manage product costs, and deliver a great customer food ordering experience.

  • Users order menu items while the kitchen application automatically shows the kitchen operator what and how to build
  • Thousands of locations can be managed from one corporate location
  • Drive multiple kiosks and your order management system in the prep area

With Xpedient Pro, you get a reliable, courteous employee who will never be late and will always deliver the company message with enthusiasm. The customer gets effortless, self-explanatory and fast service.

QuickChek Foodservice Success Story


Digital Menu Board

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, and more

Digital Menu Board Xpedient digital menu board applications are easy, cost-effective solutions that allow you to keep your prices, products and promotions up-to-date. Our digital solutions can be tailored to fit your needs, including individual installation, scalable networks, and real-time streaming content. 

  • Intuitive, attractive, and versatile
  • Simple to install
  • Designed from the ground up for customization
  • Virtually endless menu options
  • System for organizing and displaying graphical content


Internet Terminal

Human Resources, Schools, Museums, and more

Internet TerminalXpedient allows users to work with existing web content within a custom themed browser environment. Users no longer have to search the best websites to find information. Personalized information is displayed within a few strokes allowing the user to find information faster.
Use case sample: Provide employees with access to human resources and benefits information.

  • Wide selection of content creation tools, allowing you to build custom screen flows
  • Add themed on-screen keyboards allowing end users to input information without having extra hardware
  • Facilitates remote management of kiosk deployments through a familiar, easy-to-use interface
  • Content modifications can be deployed to multiple kiosks and sites with just a few clicks


Informational Kiosk

Retail Stores, Airports, Hospitals, Campuses, Museums, Libraries and more

Informational KioskXpedient was designed for facilities who need a simple but powerful tool for displaying informational content using kiosks or digital signage.
Use case sample: Provide store visitors with interactive product catalog and online ordering option

  • Simple, efficient way for users to view information
  • Easy-to-use application allows you to quickly build content
  • Provide service to customers when a human is unavailable
  • Generate incremental retail revenue
  • Create your own themed content or modify an existing theme
  • Leverage existing website content with a secure, fully-functional web browser


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